Recent Arts


Skin is an audiovisual concert formed by video projections, experimental electronic music, lightning design and voice –performed live by singer Barbie Williams. For this project, Recent Arts collaborated with singer Barbie Williams and  with a number of performers and dancers in order to create video works that involve improvisations with the bodies, following on the music by Tobias Freund. Throughout the show, the video projections appear in tandem with haunting musi- cal landscapes, telling stories and altering tensions in the environment, questioning the limits and possibilities of the moving bodies.

We live in an increasingly technological world characterised by a never ending desire of perfection. An era of smartphones and social media that constantly attempts to divide us, disembody us and categorise the body. In this context, we felt the need to present the “moving body itself” as communicative agent, using improvisatory actions as one of our main sources of inspiration and creation. The body and the skin will never be perfect nor allow perfection to be achieved. On the contrary, body and skins manifest as an evolving map of the individual’s experience, which cannot be wiped clean and which is in a constant process of decay and regeneration.

In the creation of the videos of this project Recent Arts worked with dancers Xenia Wiest(Russia), Shiori Tada (Japan), Rob Fordeyn ( Belgium) and performers Simona Marini and Desireh (Germany), all  based in Berlin.