Recent Arts


“The History of Darkness” is an audiovisual project of Recent Arts. It takes you on a trip into a universe of astronomical images. I use old photographs, drawings and diagrams of the cosmos to create big format collages and video installations. 

Changes of Paradigms
This Piece talks about Changes of Paradigms. Beside God, Men believes mostly in things that science prove or approve. Those things become the TRUTH once they are written into books. But as we all know the development of science and human knowledge never stops and new discoveries and theories 

Dark energy - Dark Matter 
This video is made by mixing hundreds of old, black and white images of stars and galaxies. It is a poetical trip to the dark side of the universe. It plays with the idea of Dark Matter and Dark energy, both concepts stretch the limits of science and mathematics by changing radically our conception of the Universe

Lageos is an artificial satellite of the Earth , which serves for special geometric or physical measurements of the earth’s surface or the earth’s gravity. Lageos-1 (which is predicted to re-enter the atmosphere in 8.4 million years) also contains a plaque designed by Carl Sagan to indicate the general epoch LAGEOS-1 was launched to the future of humanity.

Astronomical Spectroscopy

Astronomical Spectroscopy measures the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, including visible light and radio, which radiates from stars and other celestial objects. This video piece was made up using dozens of stellar Spectrum images. It is the playful result from the interaction between the Spectrums of stars, planets, comets and satellites that reveal a part of their essence through light.

Zero Theorem
In the universe now there was no longer a container and things contained, but only a general thickness of signs superimposed and coagulated, occupying the whole volume of space: it was constantly being dotted, minutely, a network of lines and scratches and reliefs and engravings; the universe was scrawled over on all sides, along all its dimensions. "A Sign in space", Italo Calvino

Beautifull Mistake live at Perm 2018

Beautifull Mistake


Circular Time
Recent Arts live at Bienal de Video 2012

Winter 2013