Recent Arts

Insight: Recent Art’s Hypertext – A non-linear way of presenting information
Clot Magazine, Art explorations into Science and Technology

Recent Arts | "Hypertext" | Reiten | 2022
Chilean musical Journal Loop

Recent Arts presenta “Hypertext”, un’opera audiovisiva in uscita su Reiten
Parkett magazine

Recent Arts announces their third album, ‘Hypertext’
living-techno magazine

Recent Arts: Sensing through the screen / Sensing throught the skin
CLOT Magazine, Art explorations into Science and Technology

Tobias Freund and Valentina Berthelon, AKA Recent Arts, unveil new audiovisual concert and album.
Resident Advisor

Video Premier “Ophelia” and skin Album Review

Movements and Codes is the new video out of Tobias Freund and Valentina Berthelon´s Recent Arts project album , Skin.

Skin by Recent Arts

Recent Arts Skin Review

10 Years of Non Standard Production
Review at Digital in Berlin

Non Standard is the Standard, Label Night at HAU 1
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Recent Arts / About Berlin Atonal
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-Recent Arts from Valentina Berthelon and Tobias Freund
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Dark Matter and Energy Inspire a ‘Static Universe’ Experience
Review at The Creators Project (Vice)

Listen to Tobias Freund and Valentina Berthelon's new project Recent Arts
Review at The Wire

Tobias Freund Announces New Album and A/V Project with Valentina Berthelon
Review at xlr8r

Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelon Recent Arhe duo take a trip to the dark side and back on their new experimental album.
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Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelon – Recent Arts
Review at Nowa Muzyka (Poland)

Review at Art Style: Techno (Hungary)

Tobias Freund & Valentina Berthelon – Recent Arts
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Recen Arts / Album Release
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