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On Connection / Audiovisual Performance + VR Experience

This project, led by media artist Valentina Berthelon and sound artist Flora Päär, aims to explore the interconnectedness of the universe through the metaphor of the Tree of Life, using a ritual and symbolic acts to connect individuals to the larger cycles of the natural world.


In today's globalized societies, humans are becoming increasingly disengage from the natural world. We lost touch with traditional rituals and cultural practices that were once deeply connected to the rhythms of nature and this disconnection has led to a sense of disorientation or loss of meaning for many individuals and communities. 

We are exploring speculative approaches to human-nature relationships, shaping space to feel and tune in with our emotional states and our environment. We invite the participant to embark on a multi-sensory immersive experience, to connect with the metaphor of the Tree as Axis Mundi. This symbol is found in many different cultures around the world and represents a link between the spiritual and physical world. The living structure of a tree, is a very complex system which is in eternal exchange with the environment, bringing in connection the nutrients of the soil, the waters, and the transformative power of light; offering shelter to a variety of species and allowing the transmission of informations on a large scale, becoming a pillar in the survival of the entire ecosystem. We will play with concepts such as the interconnectivity of ecosystems or the cyclical nature of energy in the universe. The mayor problems of our time are all interconnected, climate change, poverty, technology, economics, none of them can be understood in an isolated way, this is why we need to think in terms of patterns and relationships.  

Description of the audiovisual performance

On Connection is composed by a live sound performance, a video projection on a wall surface and a 360 degrees video, visualised through VR glasses. All these elements will be combined to create a ritualistic experience where visitors will be invited to engage with the Mother Tree or Axismundi. The tree, made of electric wires is  a symbolic portal to access the common consciousness and knowledge stored in its body and electric brunches. In the virtual world hybrid mythological beings will embody diverse perspectives of the human and non-human worlds.  Flora Päär will  hold an ambient sound performance to interact with the participants while Valentina will project on real time selected video scenes of the virtual world, generating  a mysterious and immersive atmosphere to embrace the journey.  Some visitor will also have the chance to have a parallel experience through the VR glasses.

In the frame of a respectful and transcultural ritual, sound it is intended to be perceived as a vector. Based on vibrational medicine principles and performed with with the support of digital and acoustic instruments, such as tibetan bowls, chimes, shamanic drums and rattles, along with synth droning scapes and digital fx. The sound journey offers to the listeners a tool to drift into an imaginative state, to connect to the inner wisdom, promoting the research of solutions with a more organic and sensitive approach. By entering a trance-like state, the sound performer, connects with the “voice" of the tree as archetype, channeling the secret encoded information stored in the flow of its vital force, the rustling of its leaves in the wind, the silent growth of its branches and roots. Subtle energies are translated into sounds and vocalizations, delivering a message to the world, stimulating inner vision and perception.

*The duration of the live audiovosual performance is 25 mins. aproximately. We should discuss the best way to include the VR experience in the context of the Live Performace.

Technical Rider Audiovisual Performance

- 1 HD Beamer ( the final video for projection can be 4K in the case oh having a 4K beamer)
- 1 Sound System with Sub Woofer
- 2 Electrical outlets
- 2 Jack outputs (L&R) to stage mixer or DI Boxes
- 1 Mic (SM57/ SM58) + Mic Stand
- 1 or 2 Oculus Quest 2 , 256 Gigas (or a similar stand alone VR glasses) * Optiona

Valentina Berthelon is a Chilean media artist based in Berlin. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from "La Esmeralda", National Art Center of Mexico and a Master's degree in Kunst und Media at UDK, University of the Arts Berlin. In her artistic practice, Valentina combines different techniques such as video, sound, and Virtual Reality to create immersive and multisensory experiences to explore the relationship between art, technology, and society. Her audiovisual pieces aim to talk about a circular time, a time that is not linear, but it’s a collage, an assembly of stories, facts, theories, and comments, a time that reflects the networked nature of the Universe.  
Federica(aka Flora Päär/Pareal) is a Singer/Vocal Performer, Vibrational Counselor and Sound Therapist, scholar of Accademia di Medicina Vibrazionale of Milan and UK Vibroacoustic Association in London.
Combining Vibrational Medicine and Sound Therapy fundamentals with Chinese Medicine and Nada Yoga Techniques,Aum Garden finds its expression in a spontaneous approach to ancient vibrational practices framed in a contemporary ambient sonic imaginary. The combination of meditation and sound bath introduces the listeners to discover new practical tools to improve spiritual and physical rebalance through conscious listening and sound-journeying.