Recent Arts

Hypertext: a non-linear way of presenting information. Rather than reading in the order that an author, editor, or publisher sets out for us, readers of Hypertext may follow their own path, create their own order, their own meaning out the material. There are hyperlinks between the information. These links are provided so that readers may jump to further information about a specific topic being discussed. Hypertext operates very similar to the way our brains do - in a series of networks, or associations - as opposed to a linear path. Hypertext is one of the key underlying concepts of the World Wide Web. Statement 1-We live in a Digital Age where our ability to generate information exceeds our capacity to understand it, this is why It is a big challenge of our times to make sense of the data being generated by and about us. Artists with their particular vision can explore the aesthetics possibilities of this information, to reveal hidden patterns and to make meaningful connections. 2-In this technological scenario we live in people spend long periods of time connected to electronic devices. We perceive and absorb big part of the world through a constant flow of non-linear audiovisual fragments (hypertext). Our brains and souls process, connect and articulate all these fragments to be able to find our own voices.