Recent Arts

ht:// Hypertext: A new audiovisual project by Recent Arts

The main idea of this project was born from the feeling of saturation and confusion experienced on our daily life with the huge amount of information absorved through different devices and platforms. We perceive big part of the world through a constant flow of non-linear audiovisual fragments of information, we jump from one content to the other so fast and so many times through the day that at the end of it our brains have to find the way to make sense of all these fragments. This took us to the concept of Hypertext  which is basically the way that we navigate in the web.

Hypertext A non-linear way of presenting information. Rather than reading in the order that an author, editor, or publisher sets out for us, readers of Hypertex may follow their own path, create their own order, their own meaning out the material. There are hyperlinks  between the information. These links are provided so that readers may jump to further information about a specific topic being discussed. Hypertext operates very similar to the way our brains do - in a series of networks, or associations - as opposed to a linear path. Hypertext is one of the key underlying concepts of the Worl Wide Web.

This concept inspired us to explore the aesthetics possibilities of the information that we were getting from the web, to give meaning, make sense and be able to express our voice. Hypertext show is composed by  hundreds of videos fragments taken from the internet, we use not only the images but also the audios of the videos to build a narrative and give context to the audiovisual pieces.  The performance is meant to be intense and produce a feeling of saturation and then go to a more relaxed state of mind, to go back again into the saturation.  Some of the videos have specific topics like artificial intelligence, digital surveillance, social media, meditation, etc… but like in any collage, surrealism and absurd  plays an important role in some of the pieces. A topic that is always present in the work is the impact of technology on our societies.