Recent Arts

REITEN (Japan) meets S4NTP (UDK, Berlin)
Recent Arts_Hypertext_Record Release Performance
feat. Live Sets of Kosei Fukuda / Chun Li / HAI Trio

Recent Arts is a duo formed by media artist Valentina Berthelon and musician Tobias Freund. They build live performances using video projections and experimental sound –charged with symbols, stories and poetry– thus generating sound environments that invite to enjoy the music while deeply connecting with our perceptions of the world.

Kosei  Fukuda is a Tokyo and Berlin-based sound artist, electro-acoustic Improviser, and musician. Founder and curator of experimental art platform REITEN. His work consists of active passivity-focused improvisations and composite phenomena in polarity.


ChunLi Wang is a Taiwanese artist based in Berlin. She mainly focuses on socially engaged art project , video, generative image and live sound performance. Her sounds revolved around collection of vocals and soundscapes, massively treated by digital translations. 

HAI-TRIO Intelligent, Autonomous Music Machines
HAI consist of Hannes Hoelzl, Alberto de Campo and Isak Han and their more or less intelligent, autonomous music machines, most of them self built or coded. With their instrumentarium providing a host of memory, presets and structure, they prefer to let the actual flow of their music emerge in the moment of creation.

Live performance