Recent Arts

Recent Arts is a duo conformed by media artist Valentina Berthelon and musician Tobias Freund. Together they build live performances using video projections and experimental sound –charged with symbols, stories and poetry– thus generating sound environments that invite to enjoy the music while deeply connecting with our perceptions of the world and our sense of realities within it. They are always interested on exploring new technics, new ways of creating and new ways of communicating with the audiences.

They appeared with their first Album called Recent Arts, released five years ago, which combined in their sound the influences of industrial and ambient music. This record was the music side of the audiovisual performance “The History of Darkness” premiered at Atonal 2016.  The show used the history of astronomy, to take the audience  on a journey that highlights  both the style of scientific images and the perception people have of the Universe.

“Skin” their second album and audiovisual project was premiered live in 2018 at Säule (Berghain) The show is formed by video projections, experimental electronic music, lightning design and voice –performed live by singer Barbie Williams. For this project, Recent Arts collaborated with a number of performers and dancers in order to create video works that involve improvisations with the bodies. Throughout the show, the video projections appear in tandem with haunting musical landscapes, telling stories and altering tensions in the environment, questioning the limits and possibilities of moving bodies. “ Skin it is an  album of cloudy ambient,  hypnotic vibrations and  silky melodies that traps the listener via a dark minimalism.

Hypertext' is the duo's third album working together. It is an audiovisual experimental project that synergizes ideas of non linear data and information processing by drawing parallels to computational thinking with the way our human brains biologically process information.
The show features video projections mixed live with experimental electronic music. With the video work and visual artworks as the catalyst for the project the duo are inspired by the overwhelming amount of information and the speed at which we consume different media. The videos feature a cacophony of hundreds different media to create moments of both connection and displacement. In this record Tobias and Valentina have utilised droning moody soundscapes, almost as though the internal voice of our computers world was captured and recorded.