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Installation Project by Valentina Berthelon

What began as a protest against the increase in the price of public transport turned a few days later into an unprecedented popular revolt against neoliberal policies in Chile. This is how on Friday, October 18, 2019, the city of Santiago burns, Plaza Italia fills with rubble, the city fills with screams, dry and metallic sounds that like drums of war saturate the air and the night landscape. Bodies that crowd the streets and hang from the windows, in that persistent sound of the pots and metal spoons that do not stop (1).

1810-18.10 is an Installation that explores the soundscapes and symbols of the social outbreak that occurred in Chile since October 2019. Using the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Resistance as metaphors to address themes like Imperialism and decolonization, a hyperreal-hybrid-poetic environment is recreated. The sound composition is the backbone of the installation and will guide the spectator through an immersive experience of recovering hidden layers of memory that resist oblivion.

Historical memory is reactivated and at the same time re-elaborated in the crises and cycles of rebellion. In these moments is important to find the symbolic language of the unsaid, to analyze collective gestures, class identifications, of genre, generations and ideologies to rethink the poetics contained in thousands of records of the social outbreak.

The sound

The soundscapes of the installation are a combination of textures, noises, voices and fragments of popular music recorded live during the protests and confrontations between the Chilean people and the police. By looping and superimposing audio fragments, a new dimension of rhythms and harmonies emerges. 


Garden of Resistance / Pza de la Dignidad

The Garden of Resistance in Plaza de la Dignidad was born as a neighborhood initiative that seeks to create a space of memory, encounter and inspiration, to build a Chile with dignity for everyone. The Garden of Resistance redefines a place of struggle, marked by the violent repression of the State and where constant abuses against our human rights were committed to turn it into a place of life and community meeting through a garden with medicinal and native species. All of the plants at the Garden of Resistance are either native plants or for medicinal use. The plants are also a tribute to all those who lost their lives fighting for the movement. Link

Garden Of Eden

Throughout the middle ages, the people of Europe belived that the original home of mankind was in a garden, where the climate was always mild and the trees flowered continuously. The Fall and Expulsion were held responsible for the loss of knowledge of the natural world, the different seasons; the need to work in the fields, for pain, for sorrow, and for death. Nobody knew whether the Garden of Eden had survived the Flood but it seems to have been assumed that an earthly paradise still existed. With the fifteenth Century voyages, hopes ran high that the garden might be rediscovered, and Columbus bealived that he had identified its location in the New World (2). 

Botanical Gardens

A botanic garden can be a tool and symbol of colonial oppression. Contemporaries interpreted the foundation of the Botanical Gardens in the context of the re-creation of the Earthly Paradise. When it turned out that neither East or West Indies contained the Garden of Eden, men began to think, instead, of searching the globe for the scattered pieces of the creation and collecting them together in the Botanic Garden, a new Garden of Eden. Columbus had not found the Earthly Paradise but he had revealed a fourth continent. The fourth quarters of this garden represent the four continents (2)

The Guardian of Resistance

During the pandemic, a Man decided to take care of this place. The Guardian spent a month and a half at Plaza de la Dignidad protecting the Garden of Resistance and the ideas embodied in this space. Link

Delight Lab Projections

Delight Lab makes Large-scale projections of words in the Telefónica building (and other locations). Projecting a single word or phrase they evoke an entire social process, generating new collective symbols for our society. Link


The debris left by the social explosion disorganizes and destabilizes the precepts of urban progress, introduces disorder and disorganization as a principle of possibility (1)

Youtube Live transmition
An online live camera from Galería Cima  transmits an aerial view of Plaza de la Dignidad. Link

References and credits

In this moment I´m in conversation with different persons to get the authorization for the use of the Images in the video projections of this Installation.

- (1)  Por una antropología de los escombros, Francisca Márquez.

- (2)  The Garden of Eden, The Botanic Garden and the Re-creation of Paradise by John Prest.

- 1810-18.10  Logo by Juan Carlos Berthelon.